Monday, June 23, 2014

South Africa. Do you want to learn about the country, as it was? If so then read this book, and you will learn how we lived in the era of the Prime Minister D.F, Malan and Hendrik Verwoerd, the founder of apartheid. The story is a story about a young girl, Emily Kleintjies, born into the Cape Coloured community in District 6, decides that she can not live as a second class citizen. She decides to jump the racial barrier. With the help of friends, she succeeds. 
She has a daughter, Marla, but she never tells Marla about her true grandparents and family in District 6 until her mother is on her deathbed. 
It is a disturbing story, living with Emma's (Emily) continual fear that she will be found out, but the story has a very unexpected happy ending. Definitely worth a read.